Improve your website after penguin update

1. Write Guest Blog Posts for Quality Blogs

Having a high quality, unique, article published on a first-rate relevant blog that has real readers with your links is about the best SEO there is. You will know that your content and links are the best quality there is. Actually you should be overjoyed when Google performs its next update.

2. Create Short Quality Videos and Upload to the Top Video Hosting Sites

YouTube and Dailymotion videos get ranked on Google.  I suggest uploading your videos to most of the major video hosting sites

Improve your website after penguin update
3. Create a Blog 

There is a reason is such a highly ranked platform.Your content should be unique, relevant, informative and not just a sales pitch.I picked one that stuck and started developing real, well-written, original content about my subject with my keywords.

4. Create a Hub page

Hubpages are a similar concept to Squidoo. Despite some of my best efforts to create quality content I have had some of my Hubpages deleted and even one of my URLs banned.

5. Upload Your Content to Content Sharing Sites

Sites such as Scribd and Mediafire are some of the highest traffic sites in the world. You can upload your PDF documents to document sharing sites and benefit from having your documents with your keywords and links on ultra high traffic sites.

6. Submit Social site and Forum posting

Social site and Forum posting is very best effecting for increase traffic in your site. Forum posting is a place for discussion on the website. In this forum, people can post their queries and share their views with other members. Forum posting and Social bookmarking related to your niche you are generating valuable back links which pleases the engines.

7. Create A Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a fast growing website that allows ordinary people to build their own pages with unique themes. Squidoo is a place where you can create content rich websites called lense. They have submit text, video and image and more. Squidoo lenses can take a little more time to create than a blog post, but they get highly ranked in search and they also receive traffic by other members searching Squidoo itself.

8. Create a Facebook Fan page with keyword

Facebook is most famouse social media site. you are join facebook and create fan page. It is best help to gett higher traffic in your website.

9. Create a Blog

Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other. also has a PR9 ranking with Google. You need original content on both platforms. You can, however, have both blogs linking to each other and of course to your main website.