Tips to Get High Search Engine Ranking

On this SEO tips website you’ll find lots of free advice on getting a higher search engine ranking for your website.
The quite very first tip would be to develop a really powerful linking basis under and around the internet site. SEO Services emphasize a lot on the importance of great link building. The services have made it manifest that only great linking can lead to a successfully constructed website, where as half hearted links will never get the internet site the type of networking that i would typically like for it.

1. Find the best keywords:- Keywords are the words that describe your service or product. More importantly, keywords are the words your clients or customers will enter into search tools such as Google or Yahoo to find your services or products. Build a list of 30-60 keywords for your website.

One way to find good keywords is to try to think like your customers. What words would they use to find your service or product? Another way is to look at your competitor's sites and see what keywords they use.
There are also a couple of useful tools to help you find keywords. One is Bookmarkingsiteslist.blogspot is a paid service that can help you easily find the most popular keywords and also to see how competitive those keywords are.
Another keyword analysis tool, Overture is free but not as powerful.

2. Add Relevant Keywords:- Keyword Meta Tag on Each Page Meta tags provide information about a webpage and they help search engines to correctly categorize your pages. Meta tags are inserted into the html code on your web pages and are not invisible to the user. Use 10 to 12 keywords.

3. Add keywords to Webpage Title Tags:- Each web page on your site should have a keyword rich title tag of about 40 to 60 characters, including spaces. Search engines use the title tag to rank your page and they often include the title tag text in the search results. For example, if you are a painter in the Denver Boulder Colorado area, you might use the following title: Boulder Denver Colorado Interior Exterior House Painter.

4. Add Relevant Keywords:- Add relevant keywords to your web pages the text of every page on your site. It's especially helpful to have keywords in headers, lists, the first paragraph, and in bold or italic font.

5. Add New and Queniqe Content:-  Search Engines read text content, and the more good text content you have on your site, the better. Plan on adding new content to your website each week. Make sure the content is relevant to your site and helpful to your users. For example, if you are a house painter in Boulder or Denver Colorado, you can write an article about how to power wash your house. Or give tips on painting.

6. Get Relevant Websites Link to Site:- In addition to text content, search engines use links to determine a site's relevance to a user's search. Lots of relevant links from other popular web sites tell the search engine that your site is important and relevant to the search. Ask your suppliers, vendors, and clients to link to your site. Try to find relevant blogs or information sites and get them to link to your site. Don't forget your friends and work colleagues. And make sure the incoming links are keyword rich. For example, instead of Click Here for a good house painter, use Denver Boulder House Painter, Interior, Exterior, Repair. Search Engines see links as important indicators of a site's relevance to a search, but Click Here doesn't give the search engine any indication of what the link means. And don't forget to link OUT to websites that contain useful information that is relevant to your site. You should also focus on getting as many quality backlinks as possible and point about 75% them to your homepage and the other 25% to your inner pages.

7. Add Keyword Rich Links to your web pages If your site contains a lot of useful information, try to link to it from other pages in your site and use keyword rich links. For example, the Denver Boulder Colorado painter might have a list of services they offer. First, create a page with details about each service and then create a descriptive, keyword rich link to each page.

8. Create a Site Map:- Create a site map that list all the pages on your site. The site map makes it easier for search engines and your users to find the information on your site. Include a link to your site map in your main navigation so it's easy for users to find it from any page.

9. Eliminate Javascript Links, Javascript Navigation, Flash, and Flash Navigation Search Engines do not read Javascript or Flash. As a result, if your website navigation is dependent on javascript or flash, you should replace it with text-based navigation or supplement it with additional text-based navigation links. Frames, Flash and AJAX all share a common problem – you can not link to a single page. It’s either all or nothing. Don’t use Frames at all and use Flash and AJAX sparingly for best SEO results.

10. Your URL file extension doesn’t matter. You can use .html, .htm, .asp, .php, etc. and it won’t make a difference as far as your SEO is concerned.
The quite very first tip would be to develop a really strong linking foundation under and around the internet site. SEO Services emphasize a lot on the significance of great link building. The services have made it evident that only great linking can lead to a successfully constructed website, where as half hearted links will never get the internet site the type of networking that 1 would typically like for it.
11. Submit Your Website to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and dmoz Open Directory Project. Although there are hundreds of search engines, submitting your site to the big four is mandatory. Many of the smaller search engines get their data from one of the big four.

12. Make Sure Link Must Not Have Nofollow Attribute:- Nofollow is an attribute in the link tag that tells search engines not to follow a link. Inbounds links with nofollow attribute don’t help your rankings. Make sure the links pointing to your website don’t have such attribute.

All of these steps are essential to improving your search engine ranking. Miss out one step and you are likely to receive very few visitors from the search engines.