Top 10 seo plugins for wordpress

One of the great things about WordPress is that it is, overall, very good with SEO out of the box. Below I gathered 10 awesome SEO plugins for WordPress which I`m sure will bring your website on the Google`s front page! Aren`t you convinced yet? Try them and you`ll be amazed!
From simple plugins that address one or two issues to mammoth “all in one” solutions that try to tackle everything, there are literally dozens of SEO-oriented plugins for WordPress.
1. All In One SEO Pack
Considered to be the most popular plugin for WordPress of any type, All in One SEO Pack is a veritable Swiss army knife of SEO functions including title optimization, canonical URLs, fine-tuning navigation links, META tag generation and much more. It can work without much configuration out of the box or can be fine tuned to the user’s settings. It also has a built-in API for other plugins to build upon.
2. WordPress SEO by Yoast
Similar to All In One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO takes a complete approach with features such as changing post title, meta description, etc. on a per-post basis, Google SERP preview, keyword testing, improved canonical support and even RSS header/footer editing. It can also import settings from All in One SEO Pack. In many ways it is a more complete solution than All in One, but comes with a higher learning curve for most users.
3. Redirection
A simple, elegant plugin that does one thing and does it well, help you redirect one page to another. When you move a page to a new URL or move a page off-site, Redirection can help ensure your visitors find the new page and that the search engines pass along the trust. It can even do 404 error monitoring and help you redirect commonly-breaking URLs to functioning ones.

4. SEO Friendly Images
WordPress’ handling of images is fairly good but could be improved. SEO Friendly Images does this by adding correct ALT and TITLE tags to your images, including all of those in older posts. Not only does this improve your image SEO, but also makes your site more accessible to those with screen readers and improves xHTML compliance.
5. SEO Post Link
URLs that are too long are not favored by search engines as are ones with a low keyword density. Though you can easily edit your post slug, SEO Post Link makes it easy to set a maximum limit for your slug, filter out unneeded words and even simply remove all short words. It’s great for trimming long URLs on the fly and keeping your site’s links tidy.

6. SEO Smart Links
Interlinking between the pages and posts in your site is crucial for long-term SEO success. However, it can also be a real pain, especially going back and linking to old posts. However, SEO Smart Links automatically links certain keywords in your site to relevant pages and posts for you, without you having to take any action.
7. SEO Tag Cloud Widget
Tag clouds are a source of controversy among bloggers but, if you do use one, you should be aware that they aren’t very readable by search engines. However, SEO Tag Cloud Widget converts your tag cloud to a more readable HTML markup while still preserving the default WordPress look.
8. Simple Tags
Tagging is a critical part of any blogging SEO strategy but it is also a tremendous pain in the default WordPress installation. Simple Tags makes tagging easier with automatic suggestions, autocompletion, mass editing and more. Great for quickly and easily adding tags to a large number of posts or simply maintaining your growing tags list.
9. Google XML Sitemaps
A good Sitemap is crucial to ensuring that your site is easily indexed by the search engines, Google XML Sitemaps generates one for you that you can easily submit to Google via Google Webmaster Central. This will help keep Google up-to-date on what’s on your site and help it find pages that it might have otherwise missed.
10. SEO Rank Reporter
After working on your site’s SEO for a while, you probably want to know if your effort is paying off. SEO Rank Reporter can help with that.  SEO Rank Reporter lets you track keywords and URLs on your site, the traffic you get from them and does it all with an attractive graph that makes the information easy to understand at a glance. SEO Rank Reporter can even email you a notification when it detects a change within the parameters you define. A must-have for anyone who wants to understand the impact their SEO efforts are having.